Friday, December 02, 2011

Get Lucky With Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets do not get enough publicity. When Marilyn Monroe sang, "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" she wore a diamond necklace not a diamond bracelet. The following article seeks to remedy that oversight. The writer has chosen to focus on one of the many diamond bracelets. She has chosen a bracelet that wearers might value for reasons other than its beauty. At the same time the writer has shown that the lucky wearer of this one bracelet can show-off a gorgeous piece of jewelry. The writer concludes by offering some useful information, information for any young girl who aspires to obtain this unique and stunning bracelet.

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

The ancients wore certain pieces of jewelry in order to attain good luck. Legends surrounding particular gems associated possession of such gems with a chance to develop desirable qualities, such as wisdom or courage. While no ancient legend talked about diamond bracelets, modern-day women can get lucky by wearing one of the many diamond bracelets.

A woman of today does not need to visit innumerable jewelry stores looking for this one lucky bracelet. She can find it by going online, and by typing "diamond bracelets" into a search engine. She will then receive a list of websites. One of those websites will have information about a horseshoe bracelet.

While the website offers no testimonials about the amount of luck in this one particular luck charm, no one can dispute the beauty of that same charm. It is far more beautiful than all the typical luck charms. The luck suggested for that bracelet, combined with its beauty, probably make it a bit more appealing than many of the other diamond bracelets.

How did jewelers put a horseshoe onto a diamond bracelet? They fashioned a marvelous, diamond clasp, a clasp that had the shape of a horseshoe. They used that clasp as the device that holds together two ends of a bracelet, a 14 k gold bracelet. After fashioning that diamond clasp, the jewelers then gave their bracelet an added touch.

The jewelers put black onyx over the metal ends of the hinge on the bracelet's clasp. The black onyx makes a striking contrast to the shinny white diamonds. That contrast thus adds to the beauty of the lucky horseshoe bracelet.

Of course, one needs to be pretty lucky, if one wants to be able to afford this one diamond bracelet. An online ad for that bracelet shows an asking price of $1,950.00. A really superstitious jewelry lover might be tempted to collect lots of rabbits’ feet, four-leaf clovers and real horseshoes, in hopes of attaining a real fortune.

Black Diamond Bracelet

Using that technique, a lucky woman might find a rich man, a man who is ready to buy her whatever she wants. Should she be so lucky, she could then introduce her wealthy man to the information on diamond bracelets. She could make a point of leading his Internet search, thus taking him to the website with the horseshoe clasp.

How should a woman proceed, if she wants to use such a tactic? Perhaps she should go to an online dating site. Perhaps she should publish an ad in the paper. What should she say? She would not want to say, "Looking for man to buy me a diamond bracelet". Perhaps she could simply say this: "Looking for a man who is sure to bring me luck".