Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pandora Charms - New Releases for Fall 2011

Pandora charms act as the foundation of the company. Without the more than 200 charms to choose from for customizing bracelets and necklaces, the company would not be as popular as it is today. Fall of 2011 marks the release of 14 new beads. Here you can discover what many of them look like and which ones will make the perfect new additions to your bracelet.

Silver butterfly friendship charm. Friendship Pandora charms are quite popular, but this charm is different because it can actually be divided into two separate parts. The inside of both charms reads “friend forever” and tiny dangling butterflies complete its appeal.
Pandora Mothers Day Charms
Silver, gold and diamond charm. Picture a silver pillow topped with two gold rings, one of which has a diamond. Obviously, this charm alludes to a wedding day and could be an addition to your bracelet with great meaning. Silver airplane charm. This is perfect to remember travels of the past with a look forward to new adventures to come.

Silver number charm. Pandora charms with numbers on them are not novel, but this new design features a number dangling from the bead itself. Numbers 0 through 9 are available and make perfect gifts based on birth date, the age the recipient is turning, or a 25th anniversary. Silver with enamel hearts charm.

The charm is round with red, black or purple enamel hearts set around it.Silver witch charm. Anyone who is a Halloween buff could certainly enjoy adding this charm to their bracelet! The little witch is quite cute and is featured riding a broom.

Gold patterned charm. This is one of the most beautiful additions to the Pandora charms collection. The patterned gold bead is like a woven net you can see through. The outside is adorned with rhodolite or onyx cabochons. Silver cow charm. Pandora’s animal charms are adorable and cartoonish. This happy cow charm is perfect if you love this animal or perhaps if you grew up on a farm and do not want to forget your roots. Gold flower clip charm. This charm is quite lovely with its basic cylindrical shape that all Pandora clip charms have. It is great to see some gold in the line-up of clips from Pandora jewelry.

All other new Pandora charms released in Fall 2011 are beautiful and could be the next perfect addition to your Pandora bracelet. Keep your eyes open for discounted prices and you will complete your collection in no time.