Monday, December 23, 2013

Catholic Rings - Devotion around Your Finger

Catholic rings are a great way to keep your devotion ever near. They can serve as reminders. They can be there for convenience, as in prayer. Or they can be like a prayer that is with you always. They make great gifts for Catholic occasions like First Communion or Confirmation. They are available in several different types. Rosary rings, miraculous medal rings, and specific Catholic designs are just a few of the options. These can be purchased quite inexpensively, or they can be high quality rings made of gold or silver. Rings are a nice Catholic gift for any faithful person.

Catholic Rings Goods

Rosary rings come in two forms. One type of rosary ring can be worn like a regular ring. The other is not meant to be worn but is a smaller version of the rosary, or finger rosary, which can be kept in a pocket or wallet. These often have a cross on them and can also have the miraculous. Most have beads around the outside of the ring. But some other designs have flattened out the beads and put the impression of saints on them. These catholic rings make lovely gifts for those who make a habit of praying the rosary.

Miraculous medal rings are a great way to keep Catholic ideals in your heart always. This makes an especially great gift for your mom on Mother’s day. These can be simple or more elegant. They can be made of gold and silver and even include precious side stones. The beautiful design of the ring follows the original directions St. Catherine set down. Wearers of the miraculous medal are promised great grace. Their popularity has spread worldwide. These Catholic rings are a fabulous gift for any person of devotion. The Miraculous ring makes a nice alternative to the traditional pendant style Miraculous.
Catholic Rings
Catholic rings also include a wide variety of designs that faithful people enjoy wearing. The Tau cross ring is a popular ring. Most other Catholic design rings are unique. These may include engraving of scriptures, other faithful sayings, Gaelic messages, and holy family rings. Rings make a great gift for anyone of any budget. You can buy very simple rings that do not cost much or you can find gold and silver rings with gemstones. Each is unique to the Catholic faith and is best found at Catholic gift shops or supplies either online or off.